The DEC’s green sector promotes the creation and co-location of sustainable companies and technology. One goal of such co-location is to provide opportunities for companies to develop symbiotic partnerships that result in innovative business development opportunities.


Biosortia Pharmaceuticals

Primary contact: David Coho Home Phone: 614-636-4850 x0 Categories: Green, TechDEC, Uncategorized
Website: Biosortia Pharmaceuticals Location: Work 3039

Earth Team Green

Primary contact: Arley Owens Home Phone: 614-571-7954 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Earth Team Green Location: Work 3425

EcoChem Alternative Fuels

Primary contact: Josh Koch Home Phone: 614-307-0944 Categories: Green, International, Uncategorized
Website: EcoChem Location: Work 3035

Environmental Common Sense

Primary contact: Paul Thomas Home Phone: 877-236-4260 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Environmental Common Sense Location: Work 3215

Evolved Lighting Solutions

Primary contact: Zack Griffin Home Phone: 614-306-8768 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Evolved Lighting Solutions Location: Work 3217

Ginlong Technologies

Primary contact: Susanna Huang Home Phone: 866-438-8408 Categories: Green, International, Uncategorized
Website: Ginlong Technologies Location: Work 3214

Green Energy Village

Primary contact: Susanna Huang Home Phone: 866-438-8408 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Green Energy Village Location: Work 3214

GreenVenture Partners

Primary contact: Chaz Freutel Home Phone: 614-989-2429 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Get-U-Connected Location: Work 3040


Primary contact: Greg Hawkins Home Phone: 614-588-2257 Categories: Green, International, Uncategorized
Location: Work 3037

Independent Power

Primary contact: Hernando Posada Home Phone: 614-623-9668 Categories: Green, TechDEC, Uncategorized
Location: Home 300HS

Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition

Primary contact: Pat Valente Home Phone: 614-542-7308 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition Location: Work 3408

Ohio University

Primary contact: Thomas Raabe Home Phone: 513-314-4141 Categories: Green, TechDEC, Uncategorized
Location: Home 3421

Resource 100

Primary contact: Mike Long Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Location: Work 300HS

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

Primary contact: Will Kenworthy Home Phone: 614-321-3335 Categories: Green, Uncategorized
Website: Tipping Point Renewable Energy Location: Work 3216