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The Diversity Equity Inclusion Council (DEI) is a council of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). The DEI Council is chaired by Abrilla Robinson, Angela Moore and Arley Owens. The DEI Council’s overarching goal is to assist the National Recycling Coalition and its Affiliates maintain a balance of a diverse, equity and inclusion workforce and volunteers. The NRC DEI Council will achieve this by conducting a planned series of NRC DEI Webinars, Workshops and a national awareness campaign promoting the virtues of DEI in the workplace, community and nonprofit organizations.                     Get to know the NRC DEI Council and learn about the many opportunities we offer and learn how to make a difference within your organization and workplace.
For more information, please contact Abrilla Robinson Angela Moore Arley Owens Arley Owens Mobile: 614-571-7954

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