Sequent is here to help the small business extend HR to their organization. It’s hard to be an expert in everything as a small business. Why not leverage the assets of the subject matter experts of Sequent in a broad range of disciplines such as; compensation, benefits and HR best practices that otherwise would be cost prohibitive? Additionally, Sequent provides three mission critical technology applications, all which are “Best of Breed” to serve as the nucleus in delivering service to and supporting the employees of the business.

Join Tyler Abrams, Business Strategist for answers to your questions!

Abrams_TylerTyler Abrams is a business strategist and advisor in the field of Human Capital Management at Sequent.  He helps business owners increase productivity, reduce employment related liabilities and increase overall profitability by solving problems in the areas of Human Resources, Risk Management, Payroll Management and Benefits.  As a former business manager in the Restaurant industry, Tyler has an understanding of the challenges that employers face on a day to day basis with respect to the management of the people side of their business.

Blog Articles From Sequent

Policies on Politics in the Workplace

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In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a Presidential Election going on around us and, with about seven weeks left, political discussions are going to get worse before they get…

Pokemon Go or No Go at Work?

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It is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world, posting record profits for Nintendo. Pokémon Go has gone from game to craze in less than a week. But everything with…

FLSA exemption rules are in. Don’t Panic!

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When thinking about the new regulations for exempt and non-exempt employees I find myself remembering the cover the Douglas Adams book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A large thumb...

Bringing on your first temporary employee

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I built a Lego set with my seven-year-old daughter this weekend. We’ve had it sitting on her shelf in her room since she got it over a month ago for...

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