Tenant Spotlight: Adaptalogix

DEC Featured Tenant: Adaptalogix

Name: Adaptalogix

Owner: James Neal

Good/Service: Enterprise Resource Planning, supply chain, and GMP Manufacturing applications

Company Overview:

James Neal is the owner of Adaptalogix, a company that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),supply chain and GMP Manufacturing applications to pharmaceutical companies exclusively.  Adaptalogix focuses on pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies, those that are developing new drugs or therapies but haven’t gone to market yet. They provide value in the space where the company is still relatively small but are on a track to commercialization.  The company is planning its manufacturing and distribution processes and are now at the point they need applications to support a business that will experience explosive growth. Adaptalogix is one of the only companies that has a pharmaceutical implementation that includes the framework and steps to launch the pharmaceutical to the next level.  For example, Adaptalogix helped Nabriva Theraputics, a pharmaceutical company that develops antibiotics, go from 35 employees to over 200 employees in under a year.

Entrepreneurial Story:

James has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years.  He learned that this was an underserved market. There were large companies that provided solutions for enterprises, but the solutions required more staff than most pre-revenue companies could afford or were ready to employ.  For example, a tier 1 solution available in the market may require more staff simply to maintain the system than would be employed in the whole company. Adaptalogix provides a solution that can be run by an accounting team of 2 and is scalable for when the company is ready for a 35-person accounting team.  Additionally Adaptalogix has the growth plan and steps mapped out for the company so that they can follow the path to build manufacturing and distribution processes, all compliant with FDA / GMP and SOX. Adaptalogix is winning over the competition by focusing solely on pharmaceuticals, by having international capabilities, and by having mostly public companies as customers.  These are unique and powerful leverage points that enable Adaptalogix to convert 70 percent of their leads to sales. Speaking of growth, Adaptalogix is growing hand over foot. They started the year with 5 employees and now have 16 employees. They plan to have 30 by the end of next year. James plans to reach as many pharmaceutical companies in the pre-revenue stage as possible, and each year their current customers use more and more of their product, as they grow.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

As a Dublin resident, James feels right at home in the DEC.  Although he doesn’t attend many events, he enjoys the community and resources the DEC provides.  He has used several of the business’ services at the DEC, and his employees enjoy the learning opportunities, such as the Inner Circle.

Reason they chose the DEC: Dublin resident, so location is perfect and resources are great for employee development