Tenant Spotlight: Become a Better Networker with Chris Borja

Tenant Spotlight: Become a Better Networker

Chris BorjaName: Become a Better Networker

Owner: Chris Borja

Good/Service: Consulting

Company Overview:

Become a Better Networker is about connecting people and teaching them how to build meaningful connections and learn from each other, thereby creating stronger businesses and communities. Owner Chris Borja provides training, consulting, and networking opportunities to thousands of people across Central Ohio.  He has founded the CONNECTED Community Networking Group, a partnership with Co-Hatch to provide training at its area locations. These sessions are different than the traditional networking sessions in that they teach how to make good connections and they have plenty of time to meet people in a fun and comfortable environment.  Chris also runs the Dublin Area Networking Group which meets once a month at The DEC and has over 3700 followers.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Chris began his career in a direct sales role but always struggled as a shy introvert.  This sales role required him to make large numbers of cold calls which were not his strength.  He recognized that he needed to get out and meet people, so he attended a networking event. There he recognized that there were individuals there that made connections in a different way.  They weren’t chasing sales. He was intrigued and began to study this methodology. Then he started to train those individuals that were along the edges of the room at these networking events, struggling as he was.  He was surprised when many people showed up to his first networking event. He realized there was a legitimate need for this type of training. Too many people are afraid to share their “secrets” or the details of their businesses.  But Chris teaches that collaborating and sharing resources benefits everyone, creating stronger businesses and communities. From these first training sessions, Chris founded Become a Better Networker and hopes to continue to expand throughout Central Ohio and across the state.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

Become a Better Networker has been a DEC tenant for 5 years.  The first 4 years as a hotspot tenant and now as an office tenant.  The DEC has nurtured Chris’ business by providing regular meeting space, opportunities for connecting with people, and for following other businesses on the same journey.  A networking business is a natural fit for the DEC, since networking is a key skill that every entrepreneur needs to master.

Reason they chose the DEC: To meet people. Also needed

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: The people & being able to collaborate with entrepreneurs that are on the same journey.