Tenant Spotlight: Christian Brown 312 Solutions

312 solutions

Christian BrownName: 312 Solutions

Owner: Christian Brown

Good/Service: Data Curation

Company Overview:

Christian Brown is the founder and owner of 312 Solutions.  His business is making revolutionary strides with Big Data. Specifically he is making a significant impact on Higher Education by accelerating the process of gathering, organizing and sharing data, known as data curation.  By providing data curation services to universities, 312 Solutions is enabling a better student experience and allowing researchers more time and opportunity to discover and innovate. 312 Solutions developed a cutting edge proprietary application called Red Sea, which has automated the data curation process.  With Red Sea, 312 Solutions has provided data curation for 6400 university researchers and has curated over 93,0000 publications for the Ohio Department of Education’s Ohio Innovation Exchange. In 2019, 312 Solutions is continuing to grow and make positive impacts. It hopes to double in size by adding around 6 employees by the end of the year.  Also 312 Solutions is launching The Higher Education and Research Center in the DEC where it hopes to improve research, administration, and the student experience with market collaboration. This new Center is designed to advance the use of technology in higher education and research by leveraging entrepreneurship and private industry.

Entrepreneurial Story:

312 Solutions began four years ago training IT professionals in the AGILE methodology.  While working with the Ohio State University Wexner Center, 312 Solutions was providing AGILE training and realized that the University was curating research records manually, which was going to take a long time and require many contractors.  312 Solutions saw an opportunity where automation could save time and money for the higher education institutions and create efficiency allowing them to focus on their core purpose of research and discovery. With that opportunity, Red Sea was born.  312 Solutions now plans to scale and make an even larger impact to research, administration and the student experience. Currently it has a 3 year contract with The Ohio Department of Education managing the career technical articulation verification project.  In this project 312 Solutions has automated the process for students to transfer credits from technical schools to colleges.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

Christian believes the DEC is a great fit for his business with all of the mentorship and leadership that it provides entrepreneurs.  He mentors with another leader at the DEC who has taught him valuable skills such as how to engage with prospective clients. And he has used Carlisle, Patchen & Murphy for his legal needs.  It has been the perfect place to nurture and grow his new business.


Reason they chose the DEC: Relationship with Chaz, & FCA

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: The leadership, mentorship, business resources, & opportunities to learn.