Tenant Spotlight: Risk Lens

Name: Risk Lens

Executive – Leads Consulting: Chadd Weinman

Good/Service: Enterprise Cyber Risk

Company Overview:

Chad Weinman is an executive at RiskLens, a corporation that enables companies to quantify their cyber risk.  Companies are audited everyday and given a list of their opportunities, where they have risk in their cyber infrastructure.  But they struggle to prioritize and make informed decisions around which ones they should address first and which ones will be worth their money and effort to address.  RiskLens puts a dollar amount on their cyber risk and gives them the data, tools, and services they need to make strategic decisions. These unique solutions have helped companies such as Fannie Mae and ADP.  Risklens aims to help as many of Fortune 1000 and larger companies build a strong risk management program by understanding their cyber risk in financial terms.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Chad has a background as an IT auditor and worked in security privacy consulting.  He recognized a gap in the way security communicated the risk and the way the business needed the information.  Out of this gap, RiskLens was born. They perform numerous training sessions both live and remotely on their approach to risk management, and it is often after experiencing the training and/or receiving a risk report that a company understands the value that RiskLens can provide.  RiskLens is growing by leaps and bounds. They employ 85 people, and the consulting team alone has 12, with plans to have over 20 by the end of the year.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

The DEC has been a great place for RiskLens to grow the consulting portion of the business.  The price point and flexible lease are perfect for a start-up to incubate and grow. Also the community aspect provides the support and knowledge that new businesses need to get off the ground.

Reason they chose the DEC: Perfect place to grow the consulting portion of the business.  Location, Price point, and flexible lease.

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: Community of entrepreneurs – great for start-ups.