Tenant Spotlight: Seth Evans of Big Fish Local

DEC Tenant Big Fish Local

Seth Evens, owners of Big Fish LocalName: Big Fish Local
Owner: Seth Evans
Good/Service: Digital Marketing Services

Company Overview:

Big Fish Local is a digital marketing agency that aims to grow businesses using the internet.  They focus on helping businesses find customers through a variety of internet marketing strategies.  From page ranking to social management and everything in between, Big Fish Local has a solution to help leverage the internet to attract customers.  And they provide all the analytics to guide informed decision making.  Big Fish Local’s efficient processes and superior knowledge have helped several companies find success, such as Dublin’s own Karpac Orthodontics.  Thanks to tactics implemented by Big Fish Local, Karpac Orthodontics has boomed, and they even have plans to launch a new proprietary product in 2019.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Seth Evans is the youth minister at his church and wanted to find a way continue serving youth but also make a living.  The flexibility of owning a business was naturally attractive.  It was also important to him to start a business that made a positive difference in other’s lives.  He started Big Fish Local to help families and nurture communities.  His business helps other businesses grow, which helps the business’ families and their employees’ families.  The more people the businesses can employ helps the community has a whole.  The effect is exponential.  He is driven by the positive impact he can have on others and their businesses and their lives.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

The DEC in Dublin has been the perfect place for Big Fish Local.  The reduced rate and facility management alone have allowed Big Fish Local’s first growth spurt.  They were able to hire their first person due to these benefits.  All of the programming and business coaching available have been the ingredients needed to grow Big Fish Local by leaps and bounds.  They were able to add 7 more people, and now have a total of 9 employees with plans to add more in 2019.

Reason they chose the DEC: Was inspired by the space and energy.  Realized they were getting a much bigger value than just renting office space – facility management, programming, etc.

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: All of the resources provided: programming, networking, coaching, space, facility management, etc.


This interview and article was prepared by Marie Adams of Dot The i Creative.