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By October 4, 2016DEC Pathway
DEC Business Pathway

Oct 4 & 6 – 

Business Alignment Camp: Back to Basics (formerly called – Start-Up Academy) – SBDC/Rev1

This intense, two-day business workout will help you better align your business with the markets and customers that you want and need to grow and succeed.

Who should attend? Entrepreneurs and their teams. Whether you are just starting up, looking to tap new markets, or just need some fine tuning, this intensive business workout is for you.

Oct 20 – Networking – “The FUNdamentals of Business Networking” (this is a Jelly Day, so enjoy lunch prior)  – Chris Borja

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but unfortunately, most people never learned HOW! This frequently results in fear, avoidance, and lack of results.

This activity-based workshop will provide you with opportunities to share your business with the group and make new friends, WHILE building your networking skills!

Nov 10 – Pitch Perfect (this is a Jelly Day, so enjoy lunch prior) – Rick Coplin


NOTE: Like obtaining CE Credits, please sign in to any Pathway programming afterwards on the sign-in sheet w the presenter!!