Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To support the creation and development of new technologies, businesses and jobs in a collaborative business community that is focused on enabling and growing entrepreneurs and their companies.

About the DEC

The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center is a vibrant, energetic community of businesses working synergistically to advance ideas and technologies. The DEC concept also transcends the walls of the physical space that encompasses the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center. There are many partners and collaborators who have a virtual presence at the DEC by means of “jellies,” free advice, special events and social media. Onsite and virtual tenants are invited to take advantage of the DEC’s services, which include:


  • Onsite resources targeted to meet the needs of innovative, next-generation companies,
  • A creative atmosphere encouraging idea-sharing and collaborative problem-solving,
  • Access to industry-specific experts offering unique solutions,
  • Close proximity to a wide-ranging variety of industry clusters, and,
  • Opportunities for shared-services and cost-sharing.

If you are interested in becoming a Tenant at the DEC, please fill out the form located here.

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