Developing Your Customer Avatar To Gain Maximum Results: Presentation Notes

Did you miss our event  on Thursday, Developing Your Customer Avatar To Gain Maximum Results? Not to worry, Jon Keel, CEO & Founder of Improved Results has provided the presentation sides and some extra literature so you can explore it on your own time.

Developing Your Customer Avatar To Gain Maximum Results

Thursday, January 21
Host: Jon Keel, CEO & Founder of Improved Results

Developing a customer avatar is one of the most important exercise you can complete for your business. Who needs one?  Every business, and you may need more than one

Why do you need to develop a customer avatar?

  1. You’ll have complete clarity about:
    1. Who you serve
    2. How you serve them
    3. The value you bring

Presentation Benefits:

  1. You’ll more effectively create content for your website, your social media posts, and email copy that speaks to your prospect “This was made for me,” “They’re speaking my language,” “They understand me,” and more.
  2. You’ll eliminate paid advertising issues of “generalizing”; you’ll be able to precisely target your market and reduce costs and inefficiencies
  3. You’ll increase your user experience
  4. You’ll leave with a copy of the presentation which you can use as a guide for completing your customer avatar and a blank Customer Avatar worksheet which you can use to complete your first customer avatar and any additional avatars you’ll need to complete

Click the links below to check out each resource: 

Developing your Customer Avatar to Gain Maximum Results Presentation Slides

Feeling Words PDF

Improved Together Avatar Canvas PDF