Spirited Company DTI Creative Helps Small Businesses Elevate Their Brand

Dotting the “I” as a sousaphone player in the OSU Marching Band taught Matt Adams the flourish and style that is the hallmark of his full-service marketing agency, DTI Creative.


While most people see the end result of “Script Ohio,” Adams got the chance to see first-hand the attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes, including making sure that all the “t’s” are crossed as well.


“People want a more personalized touch,” he says. “Businesses want to be a face and a name to their clients.”


DTI Creative, located in the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, specializes in interactive media. “Traditional advertising doesn’t work,” Adams says. That’s why his business provides a customized approach, which can be particularly beneficial to small businesses.


“We level the playing field for these start-ups,” he says. “Online, everyone’s the same size.”


He assists his clients with everything from implementing brand identity campaigns to educating potential customers in store aisles through quick response, or QR, codes, and building relationships in the community, which can ultimately result in future business.


Adams is familiar with the start-up approach, having been in business for three years, after a background in a larger agency. He is DTI Creative’s sole employee, but has the capability to assemble teams of developers, designers and writers based on client needs and personalities.


When he heard about the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center’s move to Metro Place last fall, he knew that he wanted to locate there and wanted to be aligned with technology-oriented businesses.


“To be successful,” Adams says, “You have to embrace technology.”


In fact, DTI Creative’s latest business line is the development of software for large organizations like marching bands, which would enable them to more efficiently manage personnel and equipment. Adams expects to roll the product out in the fall, just in time for football season. The company also is working on an app that would enable businesses to relay new product offerings to clients immediately after they become available.



For more information, contact Matt Adams at matt@dticreative.com or 614.467.0384.

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