Sustaining the Green without Going in the Red

As Kermit the Frog once so wisely stated, “It’s not easy being green,” especially when the federal incentives once so widely available to companies implementing environmentally responsible measures have all but gone away.

For companies that built their business model around sustainable systems, there are still financially beneficial reasons to sustain green business practices.

At the Feb. 19 Jelly @ the DEC, a panel of experts will explain the innovations their companies are making and how businesses can still realize savings in energy and costs.

Join us to learn more about what your business can do, or how you can help your customers implement sustainable strategies.

Among the presenters are:

Zack Griffin, president and co-founder of Evolved Lighting Solutions, who will discuss available incentives for energy efficient lighting, utility rebates and financing for renewable energy products.

Greg Hawkins, president of U.S. operations for GreenXLed, who will share information on how his company is manufacturing lighting solutions designed to eliminate maintenance costs.

Susanna Huang, general manager of Ginlong Technologies USA and manager of Osiris Energy USA, who will talk about the growth of the solar and small wind turbine markets.

Pat Valente, executive director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, who will describe examples of successful clean energy funding initiatives.

The event takes place at 12:30 p.m. in the training room. To register, click on the “Events” calendar.

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