Tenant Spotlight: Rishi Bhanot of Bear Environmental

DEC Tenant Bear Environmental

Rishi Bhanot, owner of Bear EnvironmentalName: Bear Environmental
Owner: Rishi Bhanot
Good/Service: testing, transportation and disposal of industrial waste

Company Overview:

Bear Environmental started only about 5 years ago but are already making a positive impact and doing great things.  They test, transport, and dispose of industrial waste.  As their mission states, they are focused on taking care of waste challenges so manufacturers, government bodies, and other businesses can concentrate on their core products or services. Unlike some of their competitors, Bear Environmental takes on large, complex projects.  This flexibility has enabled them to win clients like Universal Pressure Pumping and the Ohio Turnpike.  Today Bear Environmental works on projects ranging from tank cleaning to hazardous waste clean-ups to routine waste management to line and sewer jetting.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Founded by Rishi Bhanot, Bear Environmental was inspired by a desire to do right by the environment.  When Rishi was in a serious skiing accident, he went through a long period of rehabilitation  During that time, he knew he didn’t want to return to his corporate job and started meeting regularly with a mentor.  He began planning and developing his passion for a clean environment and owning a business. Rishi noticed a process while working early in his career where paper waste was removed and nothing returned.  He wanted to apply that same concept to hazardous waste.  He also was aware of the need for companies and other organizations to safely clean up or dispose of hazardous materials.  Working through these ideas is where Bear Environmental was born.  Rishi continues to enjoy growing and running his business. He takes particular satisfaction from developing employees and watching them flourish.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

The DEC has had significant impact to Bear Environmental’s growth.  It enables them to focus more on the business by handling everything relating to the office facility.  In addition, the DEC provides valuable time and educational resources for Rishi to work on growing Bear Environmental, rather than just working on the day-to-day operational tasks.  The businesses at the DEC are able to share experiences and information, and the DEC regularly hosts events aimed at business development.  Without both of these assets, Rishi would have had to take additional time away from his business to focus on the mundane work of running an office building, such as worrying about an internet provider, or dealing with phone service, or other matters.  The DEC has been a fantastic resource to enable Rishi to kick start Bear Environmental.

Reason they chose the DEC: It was flexible, professional workspace, cost effective, and encouraged growth.  Enabled networking with other businesses; managed facility so business can focus on running business.

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: Location – Class A facility, conference rooms, cost effective, secure, great place to learn from other business owners.


This interview and article was prepared by Marie Adams of Dot The i Creative.