Tenant Spotlight: Steve Johnson of Off The Beaten Path Coffee

DEC Tenant Off The Beaten Path Coffee

Steve Johnson, owner of Off The Beaten Path CoffeeName: Off the Beaten Path Coffee
Owner: Steve Johnson
Good/Service: Cold-brewed coffee

Company Overview:

Off the Beaten Path Coffee produces a cold-brewed coffee inspired by a desire to be healthy without sacrificing quality.  They use the freshest ingredients, a unique cold-brewing process, and nitrogenization.  The result is a flavorful, refreshing beverage for use after exercise or anytime for a caffeinated boost. Their delicious drinks can be found in numerous business cafes across Ohio as well on the shelves of several stores.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Steve Johnson, started Off the Beaten Path Coffee after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  He wanted a cold recovery drink after mountain biking that was both refreshing and low in sugar.  After trying a few varieties, he thought he could do better.  He started with the best inputs and then did research and testing to develop the perfect cold-brewing process.   Finally, he used nitrogenization to add a smooth element to the flavor of his drinks.  He was able to work at the Food Fort at the Economic Community Development Institute to get his product started. Steve has perfected his cold-brewed coffee over time and is proud to provide a drink that is healthy, low-calorie,
100 percent clean, and best of all, tastes great.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

The DEC’s main advantage for Off the Beaten Path Coffee has been the ability to network with many different businesses and people.  Steve started this business by consulting with a variety of different advisors.  Being located at the DEC has given him the opportunity to continue networking and growing his business.

Reason they chose the DEC: Met Rob Kopp, and he was interested in his product.

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: Networking