Tenant Spotlight: Brian Watkins of CropZilla

Brian Watkins, owner of CropzillaName: Cropzilla
Owner: Brian Watkins
Good/Service: Farming Software

Company Overview:

Cropzilla is a farming software company that aims to make farms more efficient.  They produce and utilize software that can be installed on farm machinery.  The software measures the productivity and efficiency of the machinery.  This enables farmers to make well informed decisions and therefore increase the farm’s overall operational performance.  Cropzilla’s ability to give farmers the data they need to take their farms to the next level has earned them customers around Ohio and across the Midwest.

Entrepreneurial Story:

Cropzilla’s founder, Brian Watkins, is heavily involved in his family farm in Kenton Ohio.  He started this business to solve some of the pain points he had as a farmer.  Brian recognized that understanding the data available was what drives a farm’s competitive advantage.  He wanted to help farm families and enable them to be more efficient by providing them with additional and better data.  Like in many industries, technology is taking the farming industry by storm, and having the best data is going to be integral to a farm’s success.  Cropzilla was started to do just that.

DEC/Dublin Advantage:

The DEC has a been a great spot for Cropzilla.  Cropzilla got started with Rev1 and eventually was attracted to the DEC by its convenient location and positive environment.  The DEC provides a well managed facility that has allowed Cropzilla to get off the ground and continue to grow.  With the launch of a new product, they plan to add 10-15 new people in 2019.

Reason they chose the DEC: The DEC had a positive, supportive environment and was managed well.

DEC’s Best Asset or Benefit to Business: Well managed and supportive.


This interview and article was prepared by Marie Adams of Dot The i Creative.